Denmark is a country located in Northern Europe with the capital city of Copenhagen. There are many tourist attractions located in this smallest Nordic country such as the city of Skagen, Bornholm, Odense and many other interesting destinations.

Traditional Danish Food

Delicious Traditional Danish Food

If you have the opportunity to visit this country which borders Sweden and Norway, don’t forget to enjoy a culinary tour that is no less delicious. There are many Traditional Danish Food that you must try, including:

1. Bofsandwich

Are you bored with the usual taste of burgers? Try to enjoy a typical Danish food called Bofsandwich. Yes, this Danish burger is most popular with everyone, young or old. The uniqueness of Bofsandwich lies in the brown sauce covered in beef in bread. If you have the opportunity to vacation in Denmark, don’t miss the Bofsandwich with special chocolate sauce!

2. Rugbrod

Want to find the most suitable snack for a coffee break while in Copenhagen? You should know about Danish specialties that are no less delicious than another bakery, namely Rugbrod.

Rugbrod is bread made from perfectly chopped rye flour or rye seeds. It has a texture like whole wheat bread but is more brown. Rugbrod is very suitable for breakfast because it is usually added with toppings in the form of tuna, chicken or bacon, aka pork.

3. Danish Pastry

Danish Pastry is a popular snack loved by many in this Nordic region. A typical layered cake that has a sweet, crunchy taste and a variety of toppings on the surface. For those of you who like snacking, you must make Danish Pastry a snack when drinking coffee. No wonder this Danish cake has been famous all over the world, huh!

4. Risalamande

Are you looking for a unique and anti-mainstream dessert? Just try this typical Danish food made from the main ingredient in the form of this rice. Yes, Risalamande is Denmark’s most popular dessert made from rice, vanilla, sugar, chopped almond cream and a sauce of either cherry or caramel fruit.

Cold rice pudding splashed with cherry fruit sauce and whipped cream will make your vacation in Denmark even more memorable.